Worldstar. – Vine Comp Of The Week Part 118!

Sorry, forgot to post this one. Just another one of the Worldstar comps. Enjoy. Official Worldstar:

Monster Truck Front Flip !!! #Monstertruck #FrontFlip

Check out the amazing first front flip ever completed by a Monster truck.

Bosnian Frisbee.

Watch this hilarious attempt by 2 guys to play frisbee. Not once does it run thru their heads to change their throwing style. HAHA 😀

Naked Bike Ride Toronto

Canadian Sausage fest with a couple Northern Clams 😀

Super Mario World AI – Mar I/O – Machines Learning.

MarI/O is a program made of neural networks and genetic algorithms that kicks butt at Super Mario World. Source Code: “NEAT” Paper:

Harsh truth is sometimes hilarious.

March Against Masturbation Draws Dozens In Toronto

Dozens of Indians and Catholic Priests turned out to protest the masturbation maniacs forcing this new “sex-ed” down our children’s throats.

Steve Jobs On Music Streaming

In other news, Apple has announced a new music streaming service “Apple Music” priced at $9.99 per month. This announcement sent apple stock prices soaring .

Sense8 – cool moments with lots of light porn. #sense8

The internet has been abuzz with Netflix’s new show Sense8. I watched some of it, alot of it, mostly its just a little bit of action with lots of talking and sex inbetween. When I say sex, i mean all kinds of sex: Lesbian Strap-On, Gay Butt Sex and full on Orgies. This might be

Big Ass Explosion someplace in Yemen !

Wow impressive fireball !